Double Chin

Double Chin/Neck Fat

Laser liposuction with our SlimLipo laser is ideal for getting rid of unwanted fat in areas of the body such as neck, cheeks, or chin.

Although localised fat deposits tend to be found in older patients, they may also be inherited and affect younger patients. Fat localised in particular areas may make a slender person seem fatter and even older . A well-defined jawline gives a more youthful appearance to the face and enhances the profile of young patients with a double-chin.

Liposculpting treament of the lower face, chin and neck areas with the SlimLipo laser causes the skin to retract and tighten during the healing process. New collagen is produced making the skin look younger. Receiving liposculpting treatment can delay the need for a face lift or even make it unnecessary in many cases.

The procedure is fast and minimally invasive. Since it is carried out under tumescent local anaesthesia, the treatment has no hospital stay, allowing patients to return to their daily activities straight away.




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