Sacrococcygeal Cyst



Pilonidal sinus comes from the latin words Pilus , Hair : Nidus , Nest and refers to the almost invariable finding of hairs inside de lesión . It is also known as sacrococcygeal fistula .

Its main feature is the presence of a cyst or a fistulous tract in the midline of the buttocks at the end of the spine . There may be one or multiple openings and hairs projecting from them can be seen.

Pilonidal sinus may present as an acute abcess or as a chronic infection and affects young people in their second and third decade.It is three to four times more frequent in men than women.


It is thought today ,that pilonidal cyst is an acquired disease due to repeated trauma to the subcutaneous tissues of the área , affecting the hair follicles and producing the subsequent infection of these structures.

Clinical Presentation

Usually it appears in young ,hairy male adults in their teens ,twenties and thirties.
Most of the patients refer pain and inflamation in the sacral región with a purulent discharge through one or more openings along the midline . Very frequently hairs can be seen protuding from the openings.


Acute Phase : Abcess

All what is needed in this case is an incisión and drainage of the abcess under sedation or local anesthesia in order to evacuate pus.

Chronic Pilonidal Cyst

In this phase of the disease , definitive surgery is needed. There are several different surgical options to treat the condition , aiming to remove completely the affected área.
These options include, Phenol Injection of the Tract , Marsupialization , Complete Excision of the sinus tract and varying amounts of surrounding tissue and trying to close the wound with sutures or, by a plastia or by leaving the wound open to heal by itself.

My Approach

During the last 30 years or more , and having tried all these techniques mentioned above , the treatment I offer to my patients is the complete excision of the sinus, leaving it open to heal by itself. Since I introduced in my practice the CO2 Laser in 1993 , the surgery has been much easier and much better for my patients with excellent results

The most common symptoms are

Occurrence of an inflammation in the sacral region and gluteal cleft sometimes they form an abscess.

Occurrence of one or more buildings in that area by drawing a fluid and sometimes hairs seropurulent.

Pain in the area and sometimes diffuculties to seat down.

Laser surgery

  • Less postoperative pain.
  • Less tissue inflammation.
  • Smaller wounds.
  • Reduced healing times.
  • Quick return to home and to your daily activities.

Advantages of Laser Surgery

  • No bleeding of the surgical wound.
  • No wound inflammation.
  • Patients are able to return to normal life in about a week or so.
  • The cures of the wound are very easy and are performed by one of the relatives in the patient`s home ( previously instructed by the nurse ) and regularly followed in my practice.



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