Condyloma Acuminata


Condyloma Acuminata (GENITAL WARTS)

Condyloma acuminata is nowadays the most common sexually trasmitted disease and also the most difficult to treat. Many patients need more than one treatment, be it surgoical or not, to get rid of the disease. The infection is caused by a papiloma virus belonging to the family of papoviruses and that is not at all related to the common wart virus.

The disease appears externally on the genitalia, the anal region and sometimes even in the tongue and mouth. The warts are whitish and soft and may secrete a blood-stained fluid.

Other symptoms include: bumps and swellings around or inside the anus that secrete a blood-stained mucous-like fliud, pain in the anus, difficulty going to the bathroom, itching and anal bleeding. When present in other areas like the penis or vagina, the warts can be easily seen by the patient.


There are several alternative treatments available for condilomata (topical aplication of caustic agents, podophyllin, bichloracetic acid, immunotherapy, ointments and surgical excision).

At Instituto Laser Dr. Díaz Yanes we have many years of experience in treating this condition with different types of lasers:

CO2 Laser surgery

The procedure takes place in the operating room under general anaesthesia (sedation?) and is only carried out in patients with warts inside of the anus or vagina. The warts are vapourized and the patient may return home within a few hours.

Pulsed dye laser

The procedure is carried out in the doctor´s office under local anesthesia and requires no hospital stay. It is carried out in patients presenting warts on penis, vaginal lips and other accesible areas. Several treatment sessions in 4 week intervals are required and the results obtained are excellent.

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