Hemorrhoids, fistulas and fissures

Laser Surgery in the Treatment of Anal Disease

Dr. Díaz Yanes was the first surgeon in Europe to perform CO2 laser surgery for the treatment of anal disease in 1993. Since then, aproximately 3000 patients have been treated with laser surgery at Instituto laser Dr. Díaz Yanes with excellent results and a much faster and less painful post surgery recovery than conventional surgery. The incorporation of the newest surgery techniques and the most advanced laser technology together with more than 20 years of experience have made Instituo Laser Dr. Díaz Yanes a leading centre in the world for this type of surgery. We are the only laser surgery unit in of this kind in Málaga.

Today, we can confidently affirm that there is no reason for patients to be afraid of post surgery pain when undergoing anal surgery at Instituto laser Dr. Díaz Yanes

The most common anal diseases are:



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