Gynecomstia is a common condition that causes men´s breasts to grow and become larger than normal. It can affect one or both breasts. Upto 60% of men may be affected to some degree, causing great emotional and social distress.

In most cases it is caused by an imbalance between male (testosterone) and female (oestrogen) sex hormones. It is commonly found at puberty (due to hormonal changes) and in eldery men (production of testosterone drops). Certain medications such as steroids, drugs to treat prostate cancer, some anti-inlammatory drugs can cause gynecomastia. Other causes include obesity, drinking too much alcohol, cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver tumours and occasionally lung cancer. It may also be a result of genetic disorder (linefelter).

It is classified into three types:

  • True gynecomastia: caused by an abnormal development of the mammary gland.
  • Lipomastia: caused by excessive fatty tissue.
  • Mixed: a combination of both causes.

Once the underlying cause has been identified and, if necessary, addressed (change of medication), surgery remains the best option for treatment.

Minimally invasive treatment with SlimLipo laser

At Instituo Láser we have been treating gynecomastia for over a year with excellent results. We are the only clinic in Andlucía offering a non- invasive laser treatment with the newest Slimlipo laser.
SlimLipo works by emitting two wavelengths simultaneously. One wavelength selectively targets fat, gently “melting” it, the other stimulates collagen fibres and coagulates small blood vessels. Unwanted fat is removed and at the same time the surrounding skin layers are stuck together and tightened, leaving no sagging skin as seen in other procedures. Any excess glandular tissue is removed through a small unnoticeable incision over the areola.

The surgical procedure

The procedure is carried out under tumescent local anaesthesia, with the patient awake. A small cannula containing the 1.5mm laser probe is inserted through each of two 2mm incisions in turn. The laser energy “melts” the fat tissue which is then removed with a succion cannula. If necessary, excess glandular tissue is extracted through two small incisions performed at the edge of the areola. The procedure is minimally invasive and provides very good results. Since pain and bruising are minimal, patients may return home straight away and carry on with their daily activities.



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