Vascular Malformation


Hemagiomas and vascular malformations (Port wine stains ) are the most common benign tumors of the skin in children, occuring in aproximately 10-12% of all births, especially in caucasian children.
Hemangiomas are not usually noticeble at birth but grow rapidly in the first years after birth and at some point start to shrink(involute) and disppear over time. The rapid growth is due to the proliferation of endothelial cells (the cells lining all blood vessels).
Many patients and some doctors hold the view that hemangiomas will go away leaving no marks. This is not accurate. All hemangiomas will involute but many leave a residual scar on the affected face or neck area that requires cosmetic treatment because of the emotional psychological impact it has on the child.
Vascular malformations (Port wine stains) on the other hand, are always present at birth and do not proliferate or involute (disappear)over time. They grow proportionately with the child. As the child grows, its muscles, organs, bones and all tissues including the endothelial tissue (blood vessels) grow in size too.



Malformation in children

Malformations that are visible on the face can cause considerable psychological distress in the child and its family. Early treatment is therefore very important to avoid long lasting psychological impact and allow a healthy psychological development of the child in its early formative years.



Clinic history

The history and physical examination are essential and often sufficient to establish a diagnosis. However additional tests are necessary to establish the extent of the disease. A complete ophthalmological examination and an MRI are required, and sometimes also needed are one color doppler selective arteriography.



Malformation in children

At Instituto Laser Díaz Yanes we use the Pumped pulsed dye Laser (PDL) to treat these conditions. The results obtained with this treatment are very good. The Laser emits a pulse of light of a specific wavelength that is selectively absorbed by the red pigment contained in blood. This energy is absorbed by the pigment and is converted to heat energy, thereby destroying the blood vessels and progressively eliminating the hemangioma or vascular malformation. Several treatment sessions with 2-3 month intervals are required for optimal results. In younger children, the procedure is usually carried out under general anaesthesia.
The treatment is multidisciplinary and it is sometimes necessary to combine the Pulsed dye Laser treatment with a pharmacological treatment, other lasers (NdYag) or in some cases surgery to correct hemagioma scars.




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