Facial rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Some people see facial aging as an inevitable part of the process of aging. Others believe that it is possible delay the onset of aging or even avoid it?

In an ever more competitive world , treatments that allow us to maintain a natural, fresh and youthful appearance at every age by correcting and delaying facial aging give us not only a personal but also a professional and social advantage.
On the other hand, there are increasingly more people looking for facial rejuvenation treatments that are less aggressive than traditional treatments and that allow surgery to be delayed or even avoided.

Recent developments in laser technologies have provided us, at Instituto Laser Diaz Yanes, with the tools to offer non-ablasive or sub-ablasive and minimally invasive treatments for facial rejuvenation. Combined with pigment- and vascular-specific lasers we can obtain good and realistic results as well as maximum comfort for tha patient during and after the treatment. The procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis, therefore does not require anesthesia or hospital stay and allows our patients to carry on performing their daily activities with minimum down time.

For optimal facial rejuvenation results, a holistic but also individual approach to treatment is crucial. That is why at Instituto Laser Díaz Yanes we have developed a holistic, non-inasive or minimally invasive, custom-tailored facial rejuvenation programm. By combining several treatments we can offer a custom-tailored treatment to address each patient´s specific needs, including advice on how to realistically prevent or correct facial aging and maintain the results.

Our philosophy and approach to facial rejuvenation:

Age Spots or solar lentigos

The Q-Switched laserprecisely targets pigment accumulated in the skin, allowing us to selectively eliminate pigmented lesions such as age spots and sun spots. The number of sessions required depends on the depth of the pigmented lesion. The treatment sessions are normally spaced around one month apart.



Cuperosis and spider veins (small, widened blood vessels on the skin) are often found on sun exposed areas such as the face, neck and chest. Exposure to the sun damages the small blood vessels of the skin causing them to dilate and break. Using laser technology we are able to coagulate and removesmall broken vessels.

For treatment we use our Pulsed Dye Laser (V-BEAM) and our G- MAX (ICON Palomar).

The number of sessions needed depends on the size of the ruptured vessels. After laser treatment, there will be a temporary (5-7 days) darkening of the treated area, therefore, it is advisable to avoid direct sun exposure and use a sunscreen. Make-up may be used on the darkened areas. Other vascular lesions that can be treated with laser therapy include: vascular malformations, hemangiomas and rosácea.



Acne commonly occurs during puberty but may also be found in adutls. Pimples tend to appear on the face, neck, thorax, back and upper arms. Left without treatment it can cause unsightly scars. At Insituto Laser we use blue light at a wavelength of 420nm-950nm to treat acne. Blue light at this wavelength interacts with a compound (porphyrin) produced by the bacteria that cause acne. Whenexposed to blue light,porphyrin produces oxygen which kills the bacteria but is harmless for the surrounding tissue. Blue light treatment is faster than traditional oral or topic antibiotic therapy. The treatment is fast, safe and pain-free and it consists of average of 8-12 sessions over a period of 4 weeks . With most patients an 80% clearance of acne lesions is obtained

Acne scars


With this procedure the top layer of the skin is exfoliated using aluminium oxide crystals. It is suited to prepare the skin for laser treatments as well as for treating scars.…


Pixel erbium laser

Fractional laser technology removes tiny colums of tissue on the skin surface, stimulating skin cell and collagen production without damaging surrounding tissue. It is used to treat wrinkles, scars and improving skin tone and texture. We recomend 3-5 monthly sessions .

Skin tightenning and wrinkles

Unipolar/bipolar radiofrequency

Accent radiofrequency works by gradually heating up dermal and subdermal tissue. Deep dermal heating causes collagen fibres to contract resulting in immediate tightening of the skin, allowing us to strenghten and remodel it. It also smoothens the skin, reducing the apperance of lines and wrinkels and making your skin look younger. The treatment is non-invasive and consists of an average of 6-8 sessions in two-week intervals.


Intense pulsed light

We have Advanced Fluorencent Technology (AFT),the latest advanced and more effective IPL technology. Our AFT treatment isa fast and effective procedure that can give your skin a youthful appearance, combating the signs of photoaging (age-spots, cuperosis).An average of 3-5 20 min. sessions in 21-day intervals are recomended for optimal results.


Pixel Erbium

Fractional laser wrinkle treatment with our Erbium laser effectively repairs sun damaged skin, giving it a healthier, more youthful look. By stimulating the skin´s natural healing process, new cells are generated to replace damaged tissue. We recommend 3-5 sessions, 21 days apart.


Double chin/Neck fat

Laser liposuction with our SlimLipo laser isidealfor getting rid of unwanted fat in areas of the body such as neck, cheeks, or chin.

Laser liposuction with our SlimLipo laser isidealfor getting rid of unwanted fat in areas of the body such as neck, cheeks, or chin.
Although localised fat deposits tend to be found in older patients, they may also be inherited and affect younger patients. Fat localised in particular areas may make a slender person seem fatter and even older . A well-defined jawline gives a more youthful appearance to the face and enhances the profile of young patients with a double-chin.
Liposculptingtreament of the lower face, chin and neck areas with the SlimLipo laser causes the skin to retract and tighten during the healing process. New collagen is produced making the skin look younger. Receiving liposculptingtreatment can delay the need for a face lift or even make it unnecessary in many cases.
The procedureis fast and minimally invasive. Since it is carried out under tumescent local anaesthesia, the treatment has no hospital stay, allowing patients to return to their daily activities straight away.


Offered in combination with laser treatments for the face, this procedure has no recovery time, allowing patients to return to their daily activities straight away.

Our treatment options include:



A very small dose of botulin toxin is injected into specific muscles that are responsible for the formation of wrinkles. These muscles relax and the wrinkles gradually fade away. The effect lasts about 3-6 months, for some people even much longer.


Wrinkle filling with hyaluric acid

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin. It is suited for filling deeper facial folds or wrinkles. It´s effect is immediate and long lasting.



Dryness, loss of skin radiance, firmness and glow are all signs of aging. Vitamin injections are a perfect complement to other facial treatments such as hyaluronic actd and laser therapy..


Virtual Mesotherapy

Virtual mesotherapy is a new technology by which active substances are transfered into the skin byelectrodiffusion. No needles are required.



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